CHM 201 – General Chemistry (Fall)  [and CHM 202 (Spring)] comprise an overview of Chemistry. This sequence serves as the entry level course for concentrators in Chemistry, and for other sciences requiring General Chemistry as a prerequisite. This sequence is also suitable for premedical students. The goal of General Chemistry is to enhance our understanding of our surroundings through a study of matter at the molecular scale:  How do our every day observations in the macroscopic world result from atomic and molecular events in the microscopic world?   Topics in CHM 201 include chemical reactions, equilibrium, energy and entropy, quantum theory, atomic structure, and chemical bonding. These concepts will be illustrated with real-world examples from the chemistry of biological systems.

CHM 542 – Principles of Macromolecular Structure: Protein Folding, Structure and Design (Spring term)  This course is taught from the scientific literature. We  begin the semester with several classic papers on protein folding. As the semester progresses, we  read about protein structure, stability, and folding. The latter part of the semester focuses on recent papers describing research aimed toward the construction of novel proteins from ‘scratch.  These papers will cover topics ranging from evolution in vitro to computational and rational protein design. The course will end by discussing the possibility of creating artificial proteomes in the laboratory, and further steps toward synthetic biology.